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The impact of a good first impression, usually a lasting one, is of great importance. Maggie creates distinguished wall decorations and excellent murals for entrance halls and reception areas at stores, offices, businesses and even lobbies at inns and restaurants. Her extra ordinary nature scenes and brilliant panoramas, will convert a plain room into something quit lovely and unique and that boring old room or dull entrance will under go a beautiful metamorphosis and it will became a nice conversation starter point.

If you have problems decorating a difficult area in a chamber, consider Maggie's artwork to decorate that spot. Here any inspiring scene can be applied for example a knight on his horse, fast modern cars, a mountaineer near the summit, or a tranquil landscape like a yacht on the beautiful ocean.

Some of the mural decorations are not only exemplary, but are also educational when applied in class rooms or school buildings corridors. Maggie for sure knows her A, B, C's and can design and create appropriate decorations for such areas. She can also paint decor panels for school plays, when supplied with the theme of the play.

Perhaps you need 'n distinctive wall scene and supplementary decorations for a baby- or child's room. Something pretty with teddy bears, soft toys or fairies and dwarfs or just cute little ponies. Such designs are Maggie's forte.

You church was build very praiseworthy but you want something very particular for the entrance hall or perhaps for a huge window. Then contact Maggie. Her Christian convictions will find invaluable expression in such a creation for your church. She paints highly commendable mural scenes and can just as easily paint large windows with colourful Biblical settings in beautiful tableaus.

Perhaps you are looking for something exclusive for a foyer, an entrance hall of reception area for a guesthouse or complex. The wonderful nature scenery created by Maggie will be a valuable acquisition to your project or place.

If you are an architect looking for something highly exceptional to present to your clients, you will benefit by asking Maggie to create artwork according to the style and colours of the building or home design you are contemplating. Maggie's nature scenes in suites in addition to the sets are items especially neat to apply with flair to such areas. Her murals and paintings will give that extra polished effect, which will be a good plus factor.

For the restoration enthusiast wanting to pep up the old home, murals will give new colour and ad to value.

Maggie also creates lovely and suitable commercial decorations for bookshops, restaurants, mess halls, cafes, flower shops and the like. She can supply the artwork on signboards as well as window paintings. Having problems finding a proper decoration for you shop window or a certain exhibit area? Send a request with your details to Maggie and she will consider the project and make some suggestions.


Notification: At the moment Maggie's work schedule is VERY busy. Orders are thus currently not accepted, but visitors or those interested can contact Maggie via the Request Form, to hear if she can accepted any projects and which new paintings are available.


Painting Photo Gallery: Murals

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Title: A day at the pool

Description: A child playing with a ball in the swimming pool. Mural at a school.

Code: 526


Title: Bubbles

Description: Abstract in light and darker blue. Mural for a swimming school. Wall paint.

Code: 550

Have a look at Sets for abstract paintings in a set.





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