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Pretty Paintings

Maggie's Exquisite Artworks

Maggie's Exquisite Artworks include all kinds of artworks such as jewellery, candles, decorative bottles and colouring books, but it is the versatile styles in her paintings that forms the pinnacle of her artwork talent.

The scenes in the paintings are inspired by nature. The predominant green variations in some scenes emphasize the freshness and the new life of the wonderful nature, surrounding us. The various lovely greens and sky blues and warm oranges and browns typify the exotic nature of the rural areas she is so inspired by, but the bright and sunny colors in her paintings distinguish her colour pulsating artworks.

Maggie paints in and on several mediums, but acrylic paint on canvas or canvas board are currently the main products she applies.

Although nature landscapes and panoramas are the main feature of her work, she also designs and creates paintings in abstract style and with watercolours or oil painting.

Would you like a painting or two for a special occasions, like a wedding, a birthday, christening, anniversary, festival and school play or fête event? Maggie would like to create paintings for such celebrations.

Are you planning a wedding or other kind of very important reception and would like something special designed as an invitation card or thank you card or perhaps a painting for the welcome entrance? Maggie creates a range of designs especially for brides and accompanying items for weddings and receptions, with themes like butterflies, doves, flowers, the beach, roses, music and so on. Clients are welcome to contact her to make appointments for projects.

Maggie is also able to supply beautiful scenes for children's rooms in themes fitting the color scheme and motif of the room, for example rag dolls, pets, butterflies and little singing birds for girls, or themes such as sea animals, lions, clowns and sailboats for boys.

These paintings are excellent gifts, especially considering Maggie can create a portrayal of the favourite subjects or interests of the person receiving the gift. Thus for the nice young lady who loves dogs, she can create a design with playful and cute little puppies. And then in addition to that an accompanying birthday card, if so desired. And for the young sir, an admirable depiction with air balloons or a beautiful seascape.

Maggie also decorates exceptional room dividers for halls, larger chambers, foyers, entrance halls at churches or office entrances and centres. Topics such as animals, jungles, nature and mountains or something about specific occasions like Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day or any other similar events are displayed.

A special atmosphere is created by these paintings in foyers or entrance halls at businesses or office buildings by the captivating, colourful designs. It is no wonder that some of her paintings are already hanging in well know places such as restaurants, but it is also in places like homes, guesthouses and grand manors, where her paintings easily catch the eye.

Maggie's Exquisite Artworks are assets for interior designers and her works are wonderful enhancements to community halls, restaurants, nursery schools, retirement homes, baby, toddler or children's rooms and vacation chalets and houses.

Upon request paintings are shipped to International locations including the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and so on.

In addition to Maggie's paintings in many sizes, ranging from miniature to large, Maggie also creates Suites, Sets and Murals.

If you are an author looking for a special design for the cover of your new book, Maggie is just the right person to contact.

Acrylic paints are used on all the paintings, although the painted surfaces differ from wooden board, flat canvas board, stretched canvas, loose canvas and paper. After completion of the painting, the painting is treated with art varnish. The paintings on loose canvas and paper can be framed on request, to retain the value and quality.

Contact Maggie's Exquisite Artworks for more detail or for painting commissions.

Although Maggie currently uses acrylic paints as primary medium, she will definitely consider commissions in water- and oil paints.

Notification: At the moment Maggie's work schedule is VERY busy. Orders are thus currently not accepted, but visitors or those interested can contact Maggie via the Request Form, to hear if she can accepted any projects and which new paintings are available.


Product Range:

Single Paintings
Visit the painting photo gallery for more information on some of Maggie's superlative paintings.
Photo Gallery>>
Suites are available. Suites are sold as single items, but the artworks fit nicely together as a series whether in colour, theme of both.
See more>>
These paintings are shown and viewed as a set, to fully demonstrate the value of the overaching design.
See more>>
Murals where Maggie's lovely painting talent can be shown, are also done if such a workproject is presented to her.
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